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 Erica, having grown up as an only child, preferred solo activities such as reading, painting, and anything having to do with music. As her family shared this affinity of music, it wasn't unusual that at a young age her favorites included The Cure, David Bowie, or Gary Numan. After many hours spent playing around with the synthesizer she had at home to her disposal, her father realized she had an ear for music, invested in a baby grand piano, and enrolled her in piano classes to be classically trained.

 Though reading music was fun and enjoyable, after some years Erica decided she preferred the freedom of creating music and later joined a indie/twee band in high school, Onett, where she added synth, guitar, and vocals. They eventually recorded and put out their first CD Oh? Net!. They played little cafés, local band festivals, and ended with a mini-tour around Michigan before disbanding before college. Erica moved on to pursue an Art & Design degree at the University of Michigan, and though not in any formal band, collaborating and recording music was always in the background of her studies.

 After moving to Chicago in 2012, she united with JETDRIVER initially just to help fill in for some vocals or synth, but then became much more interested and involved during the recording of their first CD. 




 Whether it is architecture or music, Christian considers himself first and foremost an artist. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina he moved to Detroit, Michigan in his late teens where he studied architecture. He was always fascinated with music but he didn’t quite know how to express his creativity in it. One day, while listening to Brian Eno, he realized he had found his niche and started experimenting with synthesizers. A self-taught musician, he started writing songs and joined the New Wave music scene by co-founding Heroes. They played many shows around the Midwest and put out a 45rpm record. They were lined up for a promising European tour which was marred by the tragic suicide of their drummer. This had a profound effect on Christian. He took time off to reflect and began a new, deeper writing style. With new songs and new band-mates, Christian co-founded XcellX. It was a fun project because the music embraced so many different styles but after some recording and performing throughout Michigan, he decided to put music on hold and pursue his career in architecture.


 After moving to Chicago in 2002 he started listening to and following the Indie/Rock music scene. His passion for music was music revived and in 2012 decided to form a new band which is today JETDRIVER. He is grateful to be surrounded by such great by musicians with whom he is able to forge new songs and expand his creativity as an artist.




 Born in Morris, IL an hour south of Chicago, Libby developed an early interest in music. Her parents met at a church revival (yes, a church revival) where her mother was playing the accordion. Libby's father and both sisters were also talented musicians. Her initial foray into music involved playing first chair oboe in the high school band.


 Life took a strange turn when Libby left high school at age 16 and became an emancipated minor at age 17. She lived and worked in Champaign-Urbana while earning her G.E.D.

With her excellent GED scores in hand, Libby then convinced a college guidance counselor to let her enroll without taking any entrance exams. She successfully graduated from the University of Illinois and then completed graduate school once she had moved to Chicago.


 After surviving a series of tragic events, Libby turned to music for solace. She began studying voice with Carol Kagy and bass with Harlan Terson at Chicago's famed Old Town School of Folk Music. She then decided to advance her studies and enrolled in the Roy Vogt bass guitar camp in Nashville. There she met her next instructor and mentor, the fabulous Anthony Wellington. Libby began traveling to exciting places and meeting exciting people. One night, at a dinner party, she met Christian Xavier. He noticed Libby's beautiful bass guitar sitting on display, and asked her if she'd like to start a band.  That fateful dinner party led to what is known today as JETDRIVER.




 Scott has been drumming in and around Chicago ever since he moved here from Colorado at age 14. He played with hard rockers PUSH and Eastern Front in the early 90’s. After his metal phase was over he cut his hair and joined Coin. Playing a few thousand shows with Coin between Chicago and LA and recording an album was the mileage he needed to land other great gigs with Kat Parsons, Slink Moss, and Patrick Capone. He has performed live at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool and Lollapalooza with Tiki-Punk rockers Suzy Brack & The New Jack Lords. He also recorded with former Miss America Kate Shindle and local songsmiths Adam Fitz and Ed Marek. In the early 2000's Scott toured with an East Indian Theatrical troupe and appeared in a video with rap artist Trudell. Since then he's played with Gretchen and the Love Cats, the Pantone Trio, The Jeremy Greer Band,  Dean III & The Wagers, and done lots of other cool stuff (radio, TV, etc....).


 Scott currently tries to divide his time equally between JETDRIVER, teaching drums at Modern Music in Lisle, video production, live sound gigs, his wife and 5 cats.

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